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4 Reasons Fresh Juice Is Good For You

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At the Protein Shoppe we not only sell supplements and vitamins, we also have protein shakes and freshly pressed juice. Yes juice from raw vegetables and fruits, made fresh right in front of your eyes. From plant to juice to you. Here are four reasons you should be drinking more juice.

1. Helps With Weight Loss

Studies have found diets containing a high percentage (up to 60 per cent of calories) of uncooked foods are associated with weight loss and lowered blood pressure in overweight individuals. Making a juice with two whole apples and 1/2 cup each of carrots, kale or ginger can help with weight loss.

2. More Antioxidants

Homemade juices contain increased antioxidant, antiviral, and anticancer properties. One study comparing commercial apple juice with freshly squeezed apple juice found fresh, raw juice had more antiviral compounds than the store-bought versions. Another study found that fresh, raw apple juice and berry juice (especially those made with raspberries and blackberries) had more ellagic acid — an anticancer and antioxidant compound that’s stripped from juice when it’s processed.

3. Helps With Digestion

If you’re having digestion problems, drinking fresh juice may help. Since juice is easier for our bodies to digest than whole fruits, we’re more likely to get the nutrients we need to help us use the restroom easier.

4. Saves Your Body Energy

There’s a reason why your body feels good when you eat healthy foods — and why you feel so tired after eating junk. Our bodies use energy to convert the foods we eat into liquids to be absorbed. When you drink juice, your body is essentially skipping this step and saving energy.

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